Emergency Preparedness

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Nov 262012

Anne Isenhart, a volunteer with the speakers’ bureau of the Mt. Baker Chapter of the Red Cross outlined the Be Red Cross Ready program for disasters and other emergencies at the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce November 20th meeting.

She listed the essential three steps of the program:

  1. Get a kit – water, food, radio, first aid kit, medications, multipurpose tool, sanitation and person hygiene items, copies of essential documents, important contact information, extra cash, emergency blanket, change of clothing, map and additional items pertinent to individual circumstances.
  2. Make a plan – identify individual responsibilities, chose places to meet, select an out-of-state contact person, where and how to evacuate, and schedule practice. 
  3. Be informed – Learn what disasters or emergencies might occur, identify how information is communicated, know what actions to take, share what you have learned with family and neighbors. get emergency contact cards for all household members.

For more information visit RedCross.org.