Parrots in Japan; Pelicans in the U.S.

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Dec 042014

Mark’s news: Work continues on the final draft of “Street Song,” and a Japanese translation of “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” will be released in Japan in early January.

If you live in CA, NY, MA, TX, HI, NH, PA, CT, ME, MO, OH, FL, WA, OR, NC, or SC, “Pelican Dreams” is already playing or will open as of this Friday, December 5th. Most runs last a week, but if audiences are good the first weekend, the theater might hold it over. Come see it! Tell friends!

Updated booking info:

We’ve gotten great reviews in the NY Times, LA Times, WA Post, and elsewhere, and we have a 100% “Fresh” rating on, but we still need to make sure we fill those seats, and word-of-mouth is key. Thanks for your ongoing support!
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If you haven’t voted yet

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Oct 282014

Check out the qualifications of three amazing candidates for Legislative District 42, Washington State.

Campaign signs on Birch Bay Drive

Campaign signs on Birch Bay Drive






Visit; and for the facts.

Only one week to election

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Oct 272014

Joy Monjure talks with Outreach volunteers October 25, 2014

If you haven’t been able to do anything else for this critically important election, you have one week to make a difference. The Coordinated Campaign, supporting Seth Fleetwood for State Senate and Satpal Sidhu and Joy Monjure for State House positions, is putting on a final phone-calling/canvassing blitz. Please contact:

Bre Weider, Manager Coordinated Campaign,; 383-6133 

Put in a shift or two or three to know you have participated in the effort to get these three deserving candidates elected. Remember, if you do nothing, you get the government you deserve.


Birch Bay-Blaine-Lummi Island Candidates Forum

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Oct 022014

You are Invited

Birch Bay-Blaine-Lummi Island Candidates Forum

Thursday, October 9, 2014 – 7 PM

at the

Birch Bay Bible Community Church

at 4460 Bay Road, the NE corner of Blaine (SR548) and Bay Roads.

Seth for Blog sm

Seth Fleetwood, State Senate Candidate (D)

All six candidates for State Senator, State Representative Pos. 1 and State Representative Pos. 2 have RSVP’d to attend.

Citizen-organized and sponsored by The Northern Light newspaper, Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce, Birch Bay Waterslides, the Friends of Birch Bay State Park and ….. to educate and inform the combined community populations of 14,000 Whatcom County citizens.


-Kathy Berg, Terry Terry, Pat Jerns and Louise Mugar

Engagement Guidelines

For the audience

Satpal Pic Seattle 3

Satpal Sidhu, Position 1, State Representative Candidate (D)

  • The public may submit questions for the candidates of the 42nd Legislative District of WA to or call 360-371-0171.  Cards and pens will be handed out at the auditorium door for writing questions of the candidates.  There will be no “open mike.”
  • 6:30 to 7 PM – Meet and greet opportunity for audience, candidates and sponsors in the lobby.
  • 7 PM – Forum will start promptly.

Joy Monjure, Position 2, State Representative Candidate (D)

For the candidates

  • Each candidate may have a table in the lobby from which to disseminate their message.  Arrive at the church by 6:30 PM to set up.  Please, NO Yard signs in the lobby, auditorium nor on the grounds of the church.
  • Each candidate may have a 2-minute opening statement.
  • Predetermined questions will have no more than 1 1/2-minutes to answer.
  • There will be 30-seconds for rebuttal from the opponent.
  • Questions submitted by the audience on note cards that have been sorted and organized by topic will have no more than 1 1/2-minutes to answer and 30-seconds for rebuttal.
  • Each candidate will have 2-minutes for a closing statement.


  • Each sponsor may have a table in the lobby from which to disseminate their message.  Contact Jeff Carrington, 360-220-3224 to make arrangements.

[ed. The event is non-partisan; this blog is partisan.]

Why are the LD 42 Democratic Candidates Hiding Their Signs?

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Aug 312014

In response to a comment from a reader of this blog regarding the lack of yard signs and the small size of the few he had seen, two of the candidates told us:

“We need more one to one forums on real issues that affect our daily lives. Voters are smart and can judge the best candidates. This also allows scrutiny of the past performance or lack thereof of incumbents.”

Satpal Pic Seattle 3Satpal Sidhu

Candidate [Position 1] – State Representative 



“We can’t afford big signs because we don’t have the tobacco, real estate, health insurance, GPT, Union 76, funding our campaigns.”

Joy Monjure10325144_1480012805567424_3274419915696869770_n

Candidate [Position 2] – State Representative



More grass roots support (dollars) could help them display more signs. Better yet, attend rallies and forums where you can hear all the candidates and judge for yourselves; these candidates, along with Seth Fleetwood, candidate for State Senate, want to see government working for Whatcom County.  Best of all, exercise your hard-fought right: cast your vote in November.   rah

Joy Monjure for LD 42 Representative

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Jun 122014

Joy Monjure is running for Legislative District 42 Representative, Position 2 and she is a real Joy! Her focus is on Farms, Families, Future, with concern for water supply and quality, opportunity equality, education, transportation and all the things that will support that triad of values.

Meeting with some members of her “Kitchen Cabinet” this morning, we learned what a basically good person she is, solidly established in her community, working her sustainable farm-“Field of Greens”, serving the public on the Everson City Council, and enjoying the role of grandmother.

Upon her election, along with Seth Fleetwood for State Senate and Satpal Sidhu for Position 1, the residents of  LD 42 (roughly north of Alabama Street in Bellingham to the Canadian border) will finally be represented by a thoughtful, active, reasonable delegation. They need the support, financial/volunteer/active voter, of all thinking constituents in the 42nd.

Joy and some members of her "Kitchen Cabinet", from left, Jaleen Pratt, Joy Monjure, Pinky Vargas, Marge Laidlaw

Joy and some members of her “Kitchen Cabinet”, from left, Jaleen Pratt, Joy Monjure, Pinky Vargas, Marge Laidlaw


Energized Candidates

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Jun 082014

 Seth for Blog3Seth Fleetwood and Satpal Sidhu, two of the three Democrat candidates in Legislative District 42 positions in the November election introduced themselves to the party’s Outreach Committee last Thursday evening, 6/6. (Joy Monjure, the third candidate was not able to attend because of commitment to her business in Everson.)

Fleetwood is no stranger to Whatcom Democrats. He won two terms in the County Council, then served in the Bellingham City Council. A lawyer, well established as a progressive he will be an easy choice over one of the most conservative in the State Senate for independents as well as liberals.Satpal for Blog

Satpal Sidhu, a surprise candidate to many, came off as a very pleasant surprise, looking nifty and speaking enthusiastly. Although he does not wear a turban, Mr. Sidhu is an active member of the Sikh temple and a leader in the community as an ambassador to outsiders.

Ruth and I came to know Satpal in 2005 when we wrote an article for the Weekly. Sikhs, who are a reformed religion in India, have produced many leaders in that country. But their temple, near Lynden, was harassed as Muslim by hooligans who knew no better in the post 9/11 period. To change opinion they organized an outreach event on Martin Luther King Day that we attended. When we proposed an article Satpal was assigned to help us.

Then he was Dean at Whatcom Technical College. Previously he had worked in the oil refining industry in Canada as well as the U.S. At the Technical College he recognized that many skilled workers in local refineries would soon be retiring. He went to Texas and brought back a curriculum that schools were using to train workers. He hired refinery supervisors as part-time adjunct professors and got management on board to guarantee interviews to graduates of the program. When Satpal left the school some 300 graduates had good jobs.

(That speaks well to leaders of District 42 who hold their meetings in the Machinist Union office in Ferndale and argue loudly for jobs versus environmentalist who oppose coal and oil trains.)

Most recently Satpal has been a leader in establishing solar systems and importing Whatcom blueberries to India – score two more with the environmentalists!

The Wild Pacific Trail

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May 092014

Wild Pacific Trail 2b Wild Pacific Trail 4b“The earth is not inherited from our grandparents, it is borrowed from our children [and grandchildren]” – a quote (author unknown) defining why The Wild Pacific Trail is so impressive.

The Wild Pacific Trail is on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The three completed sections of the five section plan start with the Lighthouse Loop that surrounds the lighthouse in Ucluelet and travel north along the coast. See

Photos were taken on my iPhone, with gratitude to Mark Turner, Bellingham photographer and Whatcom Community College instructor of a course on getting the most out of one’s iPhone, and with apologies to him for not applying everything I learned–    rah



Wild Pacific Trail signWild Pacific Trail 3

Wild Pacific Trail 1

A Discussion with Carl Weimer, County Council Chairman

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Apr 112014