Nov 102013

Election results for us this year were as satisfying as any we’ve experienced in Birch Bay, including those in 2008 and 2012 when we campaigned for Obama. In 2012 our work was recognized by having our photo taken with the President.

The big win fBroom for changeor Birch Bay was approval of the Park & Rec levy that failed by only a few votes twice before. This time the required 60 percent of voters was exceeded by more than eight percent. All but two of the 15 precincts in the Blaine School District (minus Point Roberts) voted yes.

The best performance was in Birch Bay Precinct 108 the approval count was 73.2 percent. Adjacent to Bay Horizon Park where the Activity Center is located, had 571 votes. Ruth Higgins, the PCO in 108, estimates that 90 percent of the houses were visited by dedicated canvassers, particularly in the Bay Crest developments. (Remarkable is the reality that some 50 percent of those registered failed to vote.)

Significantly, the Park & Rec campaign was led by Doralee Booth and Kathy Berg, remaining members of the dormant Steering/Implementation Committee. With Booth leading the way, they demonstrated skills in organization and execution that portends a different future for Birch Bay.

For us personally, an even more important sweep was the victory of the slate of four progressive candidates for Whatcom County Council. Rud Brown, Barry Buchanan, Ken Mann, and Carl Weimer all finished well ahead of the 50 percent required. But in the 15 local precincts the progressive slate gained no more than five.  During the campaign we got to know all four of these candidates, which motivated us to work diligently on their behalf.

If any reader can tell us why people would vote for Bill Knutzen over Rud Brown, we would welcome their explanation.




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