Sep 172013

Last month proponents for buying a vacant four acres with 400 feet of beach front, on Birch Bay Drive just north of CJ’s BeachHouse. circulated a petition asking Whatcom County to appropriate $10,000 for an appraisal of the property to establish an estimated purchase price. But the proponents specified no content or uses of the park. So we’ve been asking people – pillars of the community as well as visitors – what they would like.

Everyone we asked said flush toilets. After that the answers varied. Following is a list. (We’ve not included some such as “carnival rides” and “a dock to jump off into the water” – which isn’t deep enough.) Send your choices and your comments to


( ) Bathhouse/showers                                              ( ) Kids play set

( ) Wall of bathhouse painted                                    ( ) Small amphitheater

        white to project movies

( ) Picnic tables                                                         ( ) Covered pavilion to protect

                                                                                       picnickers from sun

( ) Softball/soccer field                                               ( ) Tennis courts

( ) Running/walking track                                           ( ) Skateboard Park

( ) Hard surface for                                                     ( ) Shed above beach to hold

      basketball, etc.                                                            equipment like paddle/skim boards 

( ) Dog park for pets off leash                                    ( ) Second park, one for small dogs

( ) Parking lot                                                             ( ) Food concession(s)

Your additions:

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