Aug 192013
S&S Excitement on Beach

Skim boarding on Birch Bay beach during the festival.

Mike Button - redo

Don and Mike (shown) Buttons provided kite-building instructions for the 40 kits supplied by NW Park and Recreation District 2.

The 1st International Sea and Sky Festival registered 108 participants on August 17 and 18, 2013. Forty-one of the those registered were from Canada–mostly B.C., with the remainder from the U.S.–mostly Whatcom County.



A small, unscientific survey found that this inaugural event was very popular and should be repeated next year. The two favorite activities were kite building/flying and skim boarding. The only negative comments were the cost of participating, through rental fees, in the paddleboarding and kayaking events and the lack of planned activities while waiting for the tide to come in.




S&S Cherish Ayersof Vernon, BC Won a Skim Board

Grand prize winner Cherish Ayers from Vernon, B.C. with skim board maker and instructor Jeff Blotski of Blain 

Items donated by local businesses valued at nearly $800 were awarded to registered ticket-holders.


 Thanks to the donors of the prizes and for the committee members who donated time and energy to this event.


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