Mar 162011
Disasters such as the triple whammy that struck Japan starting last Friday remind us that we should all be prepared.
I know, we all intend to, but we just don’t get around to it.
One great source of information is the Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division’s Prepare in a Year program at It breaks down the preparation into an hour a month so that by the next Ides of March you would be prepared. Or you could accelerate that and be ready in 12 weeks or 12 days. 

For another source on how to get started, or check out how you’re doing, see the FEMA site at
Closer to home is Whatcom County’s Web site at, with lots of information, some the same as the others and some a little more specific to our location. 
We don’t have a nuclear reactor to worry about; very limited potential for tsunamis, according to local authotities; and the BP refinery does not use hydroflouric acid in its process, so the possibility of that hazardous material release is avoided. 
Other real potential hazards are earthquakes, flooding, volcanic ash fall-out, and fires.

Birch Bay in winter 

Living in beautiful Birch Bay has few hazards and plenty of rewards, so get ready for the few and be safe to enjoy the plenty.


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