May 182013

We saw an item in Entrepreneur magazine on Rent-A-Goat and thought what a great idea that would be to clear our lot. Since ending our Growing Trees for Salmon efforts, nothing but a raised bed (whole other story), has happened there — except for an explosion of weeds.

Git Yer Goats at work

Git Yer Goats at work

A little local research revealed that Tom Mallahan and Sally Yorkston have a tribe of goats in Everson and they (the goats) are willing and able to clear almost any vegetation from nearly any terrain. Tom says goats will eat anything, but not everything is good for them.

He scopes out the property prior to estimating the length and cost of the job, then trailers the goats (up to 15 of them) to the location, sets up a perimeter electric fence and remains with them — all day and all night if necessary — until the job is done. If they miss or reject any growth, he chops it down to ground level and the place  looks respectable.

This doesn’t come cheap and you don’t get a discount for feeding the goats their lunch, dinner and maybe even breakfast. The mobilization fee is $150 and the 24-hour day charge is $250. But if you have a large area and want to be ecologically attuned, it sure is an option.

Git Yer Goat 1

Tom Millahan and Sally Yorkston
with Git Yer Goat grazers

And, as the Rent-A-Goat Web site goat says, and the Git Yer Goat members would no doubt agree, “We are cute, too!”

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