May 122013

If that’s what you thought when you saw us or any of the other 20 or so people helping out, we assure you we know there is no Birch Bay Parade scheduled until July 20th. (Mark that weekend on your calendars now for the Discovery Days Parade, Arts and Crafts Festival and Ducky Derby.)

What we were doing was counting cyclists and pedestrians (and we added dogs out of  curiosity), for the National Bicycle & Pedestrian Documentation Project, a function of The Birch Bay Healthy Communities assessment team, a part of the Birch Bay Waterfront Group.

Following a brief orientation on Tuesday, May 7, by Melissa Morin (our photographer) from the Whatcom County Department of Health, we selected a shift and location to staff on Thursday, May 9. Saturday times were also available.

may2013count1 (1)

Our shift was 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in front of the Grand Bay Condominiums. During that time we counted six female and two male cyclists; 35 female and 24 male pedestrians; and 18 dogs, gender undetermined. We were fortunate that the doggy dump container was just across the road from us and concientious dog walkers were depositing their “business” bags and turning around to head back the way they came–we were required to count them each time they crossed our “screenline.”

We enjoyed the couple of hours of watching a sailboat skim across the bay and contributing information for future decision-making in Birch Bay. And if we watched the parade rather than walking in it, we might try to sit about there.



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