Apr 082013

Our hopes are being realized. Our book, Lessons from the Obama 2012 Grassroots Campaign, is getting attention. A number of articles appeared last week and there may be more. Monday we are scheduled to be interviewed by Joe Teehan on his radio program at noon on KBAI, 930 AM. Next Sunday, the 14th we will talking at Village Books, 1200 11th Street in Fairhaven at 4 o’clock.

Our lessons emphasize fair treatment of volunteers. That fails to recognize the enjoyment we experienced in the campaign. In the picture below we celebrate the photo with the President. The first time we heard him speak we greeted campaign contributors at the door of the Seattle Convention Center. The second time, when he spoke in Bellevue, we handed “I’m In” cards to people lined around the hotel waiting to greet the President. Both times we met Lenny Wilkins and Bill Russell, genuine thrills for us basketball fans.


Just as important were the friends we made among fellow volunteers we met a phone banks, registering voters and canvassing door-to-door and community events. Highlights were potluck dinners to plan the campaign.

We want our book to cause more people to volunteer for political campaigns, for all parties and candidates. On the first text page we quote Bill Bradley: “Democracy is not a vicarious experience.”


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