Mar 192013

You might not agree with their politics but you must recognize that Sen. Doug Ericksen and Rep. Vincent Buys are adroit politicians. They held a town hall meeting at the Ferndale High School auditorium last Saturday.Town Hall 3.16.13 001sm

Before the meeting began, Buys went around the hall greeting almost everyone who was there. Ericksen, ever smiling and warm hearted, is affability personified.

Several years ago we were seated across the table from Ericksen and one of his financial supporters without knowing who they were. And it was an enjoyable conversation until Ericksen explained his scheme to sell the state workers compensation insurance program to a private company. It would be palatable, he explained, if the proceeds went to state parks.

When Ericksen was campaigning for Whatcom County Executive, Al chatted with him in the back of the church and said, “You’re a natural politician.” Doug’s reply: “I’m not sure that’s a compliment.”Town Hall 3.16.13 002sm

For a report on the substance of the Saturday discussion that provides a progressive’s perspective, we encourage you to read The Political Junkie, that you will find at Riley Sweeney is one of the leaders of the Whatcom County Democratic Party. He is a rising star who writes regularly.


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