Sep 012012
Whatcom County Deputy Sheriff Zac Reimer held a community meeting Wednesday, August 28, to discuss the recent spate of burglaries in Birch Bay, particularly in Bay Crest, and to explain how to prevent crime by keeping doors and windows locked tight. John Gargett, president of the Chamber of Commerce has extensive information on Deputy Reimer’s advice at the Chamber’s blog,
What is of interest to this blog was the turnout. This was the first opportunity for us to see the inside of the spacious new building of the Birch Bay Bible Community Church, located at the intersection of Bay Road and Blaine Road. The sanctuary held 275 chairs. An assistant pastor, who operated the sound system, counted 215 occupied.
This is the largest attendance of any meeting we’ve attended in almost 10 years. More than the meetings for the Growth Management Plan, Design Criteria, BBWARM Planning, Incorporation Feasibility or Candidate Nights.

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