Aug 102010

Lucy and Gary Smythe (Ruth’s sister and brother-in-law), are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and both 75th birthdays this year. Their three daughters, Sheila, Barbara and Sharon, decided the best way to mark these events was to organize a party when all the family and many friends could attend. That was August 7, at the Smythe home. Our photos do not give a complete picture of the event, but are offered as a taste of it.

In the converted garage-reception hall, grand daughters Cami and Clo joined Logan (Spencer’s friend) and grandson Spencer in preparing the feast. The collage behind them outlines the generations from Lucy and Gary to their “greats”.

JF (husband of Sharon, working in background, father of Clo and Cami) and Lucy share a moment.

Diane (JF’s mother), Norma (Lucy’s cousin) and Gary chat in front of Lucy’s wedding gown.

Grandchildren Connor and his sister Cassidy (back to camera), doing what they do best: Connor eating and Cassidy photographing (children of Sheila and Dan).

Dan and Sheila take a break from the

Tod and Barbara (middle daughter) walk on the beach; not pictured, Barb’s daughter Dakota.

Evan (Cassidy’s husband and Spencer (Sheila and Dan’s youngest) are captured in the kitchen.

Great grandson Kieran (son of grand daughter Cassidy and Evan), and great grand daughter Brooklyn, the newest member of the family, shown with her dad Trevor and mom/grand daughter Rebecca, rounded out the generations.

A replica of the original wedding cake was the center-piece of the celebration.


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