Aug 222015

Currently, Whatcom County has only three districts, a relic of our old county commissioner system, with two representatives each and one at-large position. This current system is likely illegal and is unfair to rural and urban voters alike.

1–The five district proposal is the fairest way to ensure that all voters in Whatcom County have a voice in local government whether Conservative, Independent, or Progressive.

2–The proposal gives rural voters their own representation and removes Bellingham from rural communities’ districts.

3–Under the five district proposal, we would have two council members who could live anywhere and look out for the good of the whole county.

4–The five district proposal is fair under both district-only and county-wide voting, and prevents our county council from being gerrymandered.

5–Moving to five districts would update our county government to reflect population growth. It would not increase the size of the council but would provide one representative for each district and two at-large positions.

There is a glitzy, well funded campaign lobbying for district-only voting, slandering the representation of current council members. That kind of negative propaganda poisons the dialogue and blurs the truth.

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