Aug 312014

In response to a comment from a reader of this blog regarding the lack of yard signs and the small size of the few he had seen, two of the candidates told us:

“We need more one to one forums on real issues that affect our daily lives. Voters are smart and can judge the best candidates. This also allows scrutiny of the past performance or lack thereof of incumbents.”

Satpal Pic Seattle 3Satpal Sidhu

Candidate [Position 1] – State Representative 



“We can’t afford big signs because we don’t have the tobacco, real estate, health insurance, GPT, Union 76, funding our campaigns.”

Joy Monjure10325144_1480012805567424_3274419915696869770_n

Candidate [Position 2] – State Representative



More grass roots support (dollars) could help them display more signs. Better yet, attend rallies and forums where you can hear all the candidates and judge for yourselves; these candidates, along with Seth Fleetwood, candidate for State Senate, want to see government working for Whatcom County.  Best of all, exercise your hard-fought right: cast your vote in November.   rah

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